Meet Huda Dzulkifli

Huda Dzulkifli is studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce. She is an international student from Malaysia.


Lecturers teaching on the Bachelor of Commerce programme are enthusiastic about what they are teaching and approachable when you need help, says current student Huda Dzulkifli.

“The lecturers are very supportive and willing to help us in our studies. They give us the opportunity to ask questions in class if there are things we don’t understand, and there are extra study hours if we need further help.

“The tutorials are really helpful – they are much smaller classes and we get more one-on-one attention.”

As an international student from Malaysia, Huda has found New Zealand to be a very friendly country and she’s making the most of her new environment.

“People are really nice, they like to ask how I’m doing all the time, and I don’t get that question every day in Malaysia.

“New Zealand is such a beautiful country and there are so many exciting places to visit – there are mountains to climb, beaches to swim, new places to explore, it’s just one big adventure.

“I really enjoy my study life here and I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy it too.”

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