Meet Krystyn Lim

Krystyn studied a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems and Marketing and is currently working at ASB as a Start Me Up Engineer.


Krystyn Lim has no regrets in choosing to major in Information Systems and Marketing in her Bachelor of Commerce.

The combination of technological know-how from Information Systems, alongside the knowledge of human behaviour and stakeholder management from Marketing, set her up perfectly for a dynamic career.

Currently working for ASB as a Start Me Up Engineer, Krystyn can experience different parts of the business in an 18-month programme, which rotates graduates through a variety of business areas such as SDLC, payments, information security, software engineering, digital and business intelligence.

During her studies she made friends with lots of people from different backgrounds, ages, upbringings and enjoyed the different mind-sets and perspectives that comes with that diversity. She also found the support from her lecturers to be invaluable.

“They were so approachable and provided me a lot of help and advice, not just coursework related but also career related.”

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