Meet Timothy Honey

Timothy Honey is currently studying for a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Information Management and Accounting. He is putting his studies to use in the “real world” with a part-time job at Mitre 10 Mega.


At Alfriston College in Manurewa, Timothy studied accounting, calculus, English, history, physics and technology, proving himself to be a good all-rounder. When it came to choosing a study path at the University, however, he opted for the BCom “because it strikes me as having real world value – value that will give me a solid foundation for building a successful career.”

And why those particular majors?

“It's no secret that big data is disrupting the business environment. Organisations have collected a lot of data but do not know how to extract its value. The data is messy, incoherent and unconnected. The number of people with the skills to source, wrangle, analyse and communicate data are very few. Information Management will help me to be a pioneer in an area that is quickly becoming a competitive necessity.

“Accounting was taught at my high school and I loved it. I love numbers and communicating the stories they tell. Knowing how to process transactions and create statements is vital for understanding an organisation and making better business decisions.”

Timothy says that having a passion for his subjects has hugely increased his enjoyment of the University experience.

“Information Management is a major that expands into many other areas of study. I can apply what I learn to help those who will ultimately consume the data…

“The support in the business school is incredible. Want your CV checked? Come see a career leader. Need help with classes? Go to the student resource centre. Majors giving you trouble? Book a career advisor appointment. Want to be an entrepreneur? Pop into Velocity. Lacking academic skills? Drop into a workshop. Support is all around you.

“I have also joined a few clubs, my favourite ones being Beta Alpha Psi and the Investment Club. Also, I participated in the Passport to Business program and am now a Business School career leader.”

His job at Mitre 10 Mega was achieved by researching the role, actively learning about the industry, having a strong work ethic and being ready to smile, Timothy says.

“I work as a part-time salesperson. A typical day includes helping customers, operating on our store ERM system, sweeping floors, odd jobs, communicating with our team and merchandising stock. I have done a number of store projects as well…

“My manager shows me how business theories apply in retail. He has taught me how to make sales, smart business deals and decisions. I work with people from all walks of life, from retired business owners to high school students, and I have learned something from all of them. Even the customers have given me some interesting ideas to think on. I have never had a day of work at Mitre 10 Mega where I did not learn something new.”

Timothy is set to take up an internship with Ernst and Young over the summer of 2017-18. “It will be interesting to discover what a typical day there will be like.”

Plans for the future? “My goal is to take New Zealand business to a new level. I want to do this by getting the word out – data is here and we need to be taking advantage of the value it offers.”  

Advice for students considering a Bachelor of Commerce?  

“Find what you love and run with it. But be smart. Keep in the back of your mind where you want to be in ten years. Then make today’s decisions count toward that vision. Be strategic and set yourself up for success. It will be hard, but a wise man once said, ‘If something’s not hard, then it’s probably not worth doing.’ ”

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