Why study Information Management?

This major bridges the gap between IT and other core business functions. The emphasis is on developing and using cutting edge information and communication technologies to support business activities. Topics include business analytics, data mining and data visualisation.

Complementary majors

A double major combines two specialist fields of study. It enhances your career prospects. Information Management is a strong combination with: 

What are the career paths?

Possible roles include: business analyst/consultant, knowledge manager, IT project manager, business intelligence consultant or an enterprise resource planning consultant.

Programmes available

You can study Information Management in the following programmes:

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
The BCom offers Information Management as a single major or as a double major alongside one of the other majors offered within the BCom. Information Management combines well with Marketing, Management or Accounting. You can also study the Bachelor of Commerce in Information Management as part of a conjoint degrees programme, where you study for two degrees at once.

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)
The BCom (Hons) in Information Systems is one year of full-time postgraduate study following the Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Master of Commerce (MCom)
The MCom degree is a two-year programme. The first year is coursework, which may also be taken as a bachelor honours, while the second year comprises a research thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
As a general rule you need to have successfully completed either a bachelors honours degree or masters degree to be considered for a PhD.