Business School

Major requirements

An approach to international trade that combines economic analysis and practical management perspectives, with an option to also include international trade law.

International Trade major suspended from 2014

The BCom major in International Trade has been suspended since 2014. This major is no longer open for new admissions.

International Trade major requirements

60 total points from:
Course Title Prerequisite (2012)
ECON 201 Microeconomics ECON 101 and MATHS 108 or 150 or 153
ECON 341 International Trade ECON 201
INTBUS 201 Foundations of International Business BUSINESS 102 or MGMT 101, and ECON 101 and 111, or 191
INTBUS 305 Governing International Business BUSINESS 200 or INTBUS 201 or 210 or 211
15 points from:
Course Title Prerequisite (2012)
ECON 342 International Economic Policy ECON 241 or 341 or 352
ECON 343 East Asian Growth and Trade ECON 201
ECON 352 International Finance ECON 201 and 211
INTBUS 306 Global and Regional Business INTBUS 201 or 202 or 210 or 211 or BUSINESS 200

Suggested combinations for majors and non-majors

If you are interested in a particular area of International Trade such or simply want to take International Trade courses to complement a different major, our Business Student Advisers will be able to suggest the best combination of courses to meet your needs.