BBIM capstone project

As a BBIM student, you will be required to complete a challenging and exciting project course in your final year. This project is designed to provide you with a professional experience that features a similar set of expectations to those in the business world.

Your project will integrate across all of the disciplines studied in the BBIM programme, and it will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate and apply what you have learnt in the degree.

Working process

Your project will involve you working with a small team of students to prepare a comprehensive business plan for a new entrepreneurial venture. You will be bringing your personal skills, and your knowledge and expertise from your chosen business major (Accounting or Marketing) into this process of working effectively with others to achieve a common goal.


The majority of the assessment in this project course is individually based, in order to ensure you receive recognition for your personal contributions. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork, however, since everything ultimately builds towards a central team assessment in the form of your completed business plan. This written plan is then backed up by a formal presentation to a panel of potential “investors”.


There is a strong focus in your project course on ensuring that your work is tightly structured around a sequence of deliverables, including:

  • A proposal.
  • Board meetings and progress reports.
  • The completed business plan.
  • The professional presentation.
  • An individual reflective critique of another team’s business plan.

It is expected that upon completion of your project, you will have a portfolio of work that you can use to demonstrate your skills and competencies to potential employers.