BBIM: planning your degree

We have provided the following course advice to help you plan each year of your study.

Planning your first year in the BBIM

If you start studying in Semester One (eg, February 2012), you should sequence your enrolment in first-year BBIM courses as follows:

Your first semester
BUSINESS 101 Business and Enterprise 1
INFOSYS 110 Business Computing
ECON 191 Business Economics
ACCTG 101 Accounting Information
Your second semester
BUSINESS 102 Business and Enterprise 2
COMLAW 101 Law in a Business Environment
STATS 108 Statistics for Commerce
ACCTG 102 Accounting Concepts or
INFOMGMT 192 Introduction to Web Development (see following course advice)

Course advice

As a BBIM student, you should enrol in ECON 191 unless you are transferring into the programme with a pass in ECON 101.

If you plan to complete the requirements to become a Chartered Accountant, be aware that professional bodies are likely to require a pass in either ECON 191 OR both ECON 101 Microeconomics and ECON 111 Macroeconomics.

ECON 111 is not an option available within the BBIM degree and needs to be taken as an additional course.

In your second semester, if you intend to major in Accounting, you should enrol in ACCTG 102. If you intend to major in Marketing in the BBIM, you should enrol in INFOMGMT 192.

For outlines for the above courses, see our Course outline database.