Conjoint degrees

Conjoint degrees provide the opportunity for you to complete the requirements for two degrees concurrently, reducing the total time required to complete them.


Conjoint degrees:

  • Enable combinations of specialisations across two faculties.
  • Develop both the breadth and depth of skills and knowledge.
  • Provide a strong base for an exciting range of career options.


Each of the conjoint combinations has a two-component degree structure. The BCom component in each case comprises 255 points (17 courses).

The partner component comprises either 255 points (for BA, BSc, BProp, BHSc and BMus component), 390 points or 405 points (for the LLB component, or BE(Hons) component).

Some popular conjoint combinations are:

  • BA/BCom (4 years)
  • BCom/BSc (4 years)
  • BCom/BProp (4 years)
  • BCom/BE(Hons) (5 years)

How do I plan my conjoint?

If you are enrolling in a conjoint degree programme you are encouraged to seek programme planning advice on a regular basis from the advisers in the Student Centre relevant to each of your degrees. For example, Business Student Centre contact details can be found on our Help and advice page.

Degree planning sheets are provided to assist you with your planning. For example, business degree planning sheets can be downloaded from our Prospectuses page.

More general information and links to other faculty websites is available from the central University website: Conjoint programmes.