BCom: double majors

A double major will enhance your career options by providing a broader base of skills and knowledge.

Studying for a double major is strongly recommended. Sixty percent of our BCom students study a double major. It enables you to combine two sets of courses at an advanced level, gain a broader base of skills and knowledge and enhance your prospective career options.

Popular double major combinations within the BCom degree include:

  • Accounting with Finance.
  • Accounting with Information Systems.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Marketing.
  • Economics with Finance.
  • Accounting with Commercial Law.
  • Marketing with International Business.
  • Information Systems with Marketing.
  • Information Systems with Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Information Management with Accounting.
  • Information Management with Marketing.
  • Economics with Marketing.
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management with Marketing.
  • Economics with International Business. 

Completing double majors

The key to completing two majors is to plan to spread your load of advanced courses across semesters. Use the flexibility offered by our semester system to spread your study across years and across semesters.

Place an emphasis on achieving good grades in your final courses within any major as prospective employers usually consider that these provide a good indication of ability, skills and potential.