BProp: course requirements

Be sure you are familiar with the requirements of the Bachelor of Property programme as you will need to meet these in order to graduate.

You are required to complete all Part I courses before enrolling in Part II courses, and to complete all Part II courses before enrolling in Part III courses. As Part II and III courses are generally offered only once a year it is important to plan carefully.

Approval must be obtained from the Business Student Centre for any of the prerequisite requirements to be waived.

The course schedule below is only for students first enrolled from 2011.

Part I
120 points (8 courses)
BUSINESS 101 Business and Enterprise 1
BUSINESS 102 Business and Enterprise 2
ACCTG 101 Accounting Information
COMLAW 101 Law in a Business Environment
ECON 191 Business Economics
INFOSYS 110 Business Computing
STATS 108 Statistics for Commerce
PROPERTY 102 Introduction to Property
Part II
120 points (8 courses)
PROPERTY 211 Property Valuation
PROPERTY 221 Property Marketing
PROPERTY 231 Property Management
PROPERTY 241 Land Use Planning and Controls
PROPERTY 251 Property Finance and Investment
PROPERTY 261 Property Economics
PROPERTY 271 Property Law
PROPERTY 281 Building Construction
Part III
120 points (2 GENED courses and 6 courses from)
PROPERTY 311 Advanced Valuation
PROPERTY 331 Advanced Property Management
PROPERTY 342 Property Development
PROPERTY 351 Advanced Property Finance and Investment
PROPERTY 370 Building Surveying
PROPERTY 371 Property Project
PROPERTY 380 Property Issues and Trends
PROPERTY 382 Māori Land Issues
PROPERTY 384 Special Topic

Plus: 30 Points General Education courses approved for this degree.

Course outlines