BProp: planning your degree

We have provided the following course advice to help plan each year of your study.

For students first enrolled from 2011, the following sequence of courses is recommended:

Semester One
BUSINESS 101 Business and Enterprise 1
ECON 191 Business Economics
ACCTG 101 Accounting Information
STATS 108 or Statistics for Commerce or 
INFOSYS 110 Business Computing
Semester Two
BUSINESS 102 Business and Enterprise 2
COMLAW 101 Law in a Business Environment
INFOSYS 110 or Business Computing or 
STATS 108 Statistics for Commerce
PROPERTY 102 Introduction to Property

Course advice 

ECON 191 Business Economics is a course for students who do not intend to major in Economics.

If you’ve already been credited with a pass in ECON 101 in a previous semester, or if you’re planning to complete the requirements for a major in Economics in a BCom/BProp conjoint degree, then you should instead study ECON 101 Microeconomics as the prerequisite for ECON 111 Macroeconomics.

For outlines for the above courses see our course outline database.

Planning the completion of Parts II and III 

You are required to complete all Part I courses before enrolling in Part II courses, and to complete all Part II courses before enrolling in Part III courses. As Part II and III courses are generally offered only once a year it is important to plan carefully. Approval must be obtained from the Business Student Centre for any of the prerequisite requirements to be waived.