Study options

Information to help you choose from the postgraduate qualifications you can study at the University of Auckland Business School.

Undergraduate programmes

Our range of degrees and conjoint combinations means that you can select the right programme to meet your interests and career aspirations. Your Business School degree will be internationally recognised and respected.

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Degree majors

With 13 subject majors to choose from and options to study a double major, a degree from the Business School will provide you with the skills and qualifications needed for a successful career.

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Postgraduate programmes

The Business School offers a number of different postgraduate qualifications involving course work or research. Choose from 11 different disciplines where you can pursue specialist knowledge through independent research.

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Executive and manager programmes

Our courses for executives and managers are designed to help you achieve your full potential as a leader or manager of your organisation. For more information about our degree programmes and short courses for executives and managers, please visit:

General Education courses

General Education courses allow you to broaden your interests, enhance your critical thinking skills, and develop an appreciation and understanding of fields outside your main study areas.

If you are enrolled in the BBIM, BCom or BProp degrees you will include two General Education courses in your degree. If you are a conjoint student you will need to select one for each of your component degrees.

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Graduate study

We encourage our undergraduate students to take a longer term view when planning their undergraduate studies. In addition to our postgraduate degree programmes, another option to undertake further study includes the Graduate Diploma in Commerce (GradDipCom).

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Glossary of terms

Planning your degree is easy when you understand the lingo. We have prepared a beginner's guide to some common terms you will come across during your time at university.

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