Future Māori and Pacific Students

Why study business at the University of Auckland Business School, what are the entry requirements and study options, and what help is available to Māori and Pacific students.


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Why choose a career in business?

Business relates to huge parts of our lives. It is behind everything we buy and many of the services we use.

What is success in business?

Success in business can be about money and providing a good life for you and your whānau, but it also can be about having the skills and knowledge to help others.

Why go to university?

A university education can help you to get a good job and open up all sorts of opportunities.

Why choose the University of Auckland?

The University of Auckland has the reputation of providing the best business education in New Zealand.

What school subjects prepare you for the Business School?

Make sure you are studying subjects that involve maths/statistics and writing. If you study Commerce subjects (Accounting, Economics, Business Studies) you will be better prepared for the Business School.

Business School entry requirements

You need a NCEA Rank Score of 180, across five ‘approved’ subjects. Three of the ‘approved’ subjects must be from Table A and/or Table B. English, Maths, Statistics, Accounting and Economics are on Table A/Table B. Business Studies is an ‘approved’ subject.

For more information view our Entry requirements page.

Business School study options

The Business School offers:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
  • Bachelor of Property (BProp)
  • Conjoint degrees – the study of two degrees concurrently, e.g. Commerce and Arts, Commerce and Law, Commerce and Science, Commerce and Engineering.

For more information view our Study options page.

Help and support at the Business School

The Business School has dedicated Māori and Pacific Student Academic Advisors who can provide help and support with courses, grants and scholarships.

Scholarships and awards

There are numerous scholarships and awards for undergraduate and postgraduate Māori and Pacific students. For more information view our Scholarships and awards page.

The He Tuākana programme

The He Tuākana tutoring and mentoring programme supports Māori and Pacific students to realise their potential.

For more information view our He Tuākana programme page.

Careers, networking and community opportunities

We help you choose a career path, find job opportunities and meet people in the business world. For more information view our Career planning page.

We have a vibrant student community through the Commerce Association Pacific and Māori (CAPM). For more information view our CAPM page.