Postgraduate studies

The Māori Graduate Programme (Huanga Māori) leads to a PGDipBus (Māori Development).

Staircasing your career - Postgraduate Diploma in Business (Māori Development)

The Business School's Māori Graduate Programme (Huanga Māori) leads to a Postgraduate Diploma in Business (Māori Development).

The programme and degree will provide you with spiritual and practical knowledge and the wisdom to take your Māori enterprise and career to new peaks.

You'll learn from some of New Zealand's finest business thinkers and network with other ambitious professionals in the Business School's modern facilities.

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Three sacred baskets of knowledge

Tangaengae te pito-umanga kia ranea ai: Adding knowledge and profit to your business.

Māori belief teaches that the three sacred baskets of knowledge contain choices to be made while seeking wisdom and guidance. And, it is through choice and the sharing of knowledge, resources and experiences within groups that our lives are enriched, that te ao whanui is cared for, and that harmony of te ao marama is balanced.

Furthermore, each generation of whanau, hapu, and iwi has the obligation to replenish the three baskets with new knowledge for future generations.