Outstanding Māori Business Leaders Award 2005

In recognition of his outstanding achievements as an international haute couture businessman for over 20 years.


Peter Loughlin

Ngāti Tūwharetoa


Peter Loughlin, who founded the House of Arushi with his wife Mireille in 1989, specialises in haute couture wedding dresses and evening gowns for the women of the Middle East, including several of the region’s royal families. Based in Dubai, House of Arushi is known for exclusive jewel-encrusted and beaded dresses and is considered one of the Gulf region’s most prestigious labels. Its customers include the royal families of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Arushi dresses can take months to make, and cost more than $200,000.

Peter retains strong family ties with New Zealand and is a frequent visitor. He supports the country’s trade delegations to the region and is a trustee of the Arohanui Victoria Memorial Trust, established in memory of his fellow designer and relative Victoria Cribb. Each year the trust provides funding for a young Māori designer to travel to Dubai and work alongside Peter, gaining experience with materials and techniques rarely used in New Zealand.

House of Arushi has grown steadily – Peter refused to budge from Dubai when many of his business colleagues left temporarily during the 1991 Gulf War – and now employs around 400 staff. The name "Arushi" is Persian and is used to express the beginning of new life, while "arusa" means bride in Arabic.

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