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Strategies and plans

Tuākana Navigating Futures Vision 2030 is a strategic vision and plan that relies upon participation from mentors, tutors, and students of the University of Auckland Business School.

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He Tuākana Navigating Futures - Learn, Advance, Lead, Inspire

Pivotal to the development and success of our Māori and Pacific students is the delivery of two key initiatives, He Tuākana Programme and the Commerce Association Pacific and Māori (CAPM) - formerly known as the MANAfika Student Club.

The strategy also provides for a range of other key initiatives for our Māori and Pacific students:

  • Career pathways, opportunities and services across the University.
  • Scholarships and awards.
  • An e-book to provide support and inspiration from outstanding business leaders, alumni, and scholarship recipients.
  • Workshops throughout the study semester.
  • Networking events which provide an opportunity to meet and hear successful business people.
  • Support for staircasing to postgraduate studies.

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Strategy for Māori economic development

The Mira Szászy Research Centre, New Zealand's first dedicated Māori and Pacific research facility in business and economics, has prepared a vision and strategy for Māori economic development. The vision includes a fourth wellbeing - the spiritual dimension - which is a fundamental value of kaupapa Māori and is integral to sustainable Māori economic development.