Frequently asked questions

Information about He Tuākana at the Business School.

What is He Tuākana?

He Tuākana is a tutorial and mentoring programme for undergraduate and postgraduate Māori and Pacific students at the Business School. Its aim is to help Māori and Pacific students succeed academically by providing activities and workshops for them to develop greater confidence in their studies.

In particular, He Tuākana supports first year students with tutorials for all Stage I core courses and generally supports the transition to University life through our mentoring programme and by working closely with CAPM (Commerce Association Pacific and Māori) student club to facilitate social, cultural and professional development.


How does He Tuākana work?

He Tuākana is designed to complement the tutorials, labs and workshops that you attend as part of your degree programme. While it is a support programme that helps you to improve your understanding of core business subjects, it also incorporates a mentoring scheme to stop your University experience from becoming too overwhelming.


How can I access He Tuākana?

You can access He Tuākana tutors for all Stage I core courses. They organise workshops, tutorials and study groups according to the needs of their students. They are also available to help students set up their own study groups.

Remember He Tuākana tutors and mentors understand what you are going through as you make the transition to University life and they can use their knowledge and their own University experiences to help you.


What will He Tuākana do for me?

He Tuākana programme aims to help you settle into university life and support you as you strive for academic success. He Tuākana programme is a developmental and support programme designed to help you achieve excellent grades.

Results from students who have participated in He Tuākana tutorials achieve at a higher level overall than those who have chosen not to participate.


What is the Commerce Association Pacific and Māori (CAPM)?

The Commerce Association Pacific and Māori (CAPM) is a student club that organises activities for Māori and Pacific Business School students and develops networks and a sense of community.


How can I get involved in CAPM?

Catering for undergraduate and postgraduate students, the club seeks to provide a range of events throughout the year that will encourage the exchange of ideas and provide scope for social interaction.

As a business student you have the opportunity to assist in running CAPM. Opportunities will also be available to serve on committees with responsibility for organising specific events.


Where is the Tuākana study space and help clinic office?

He Tuākana has two rooms in the Business Students' Centre dedicated to providing academic assistance to Māori and Pacific students. Room 134 is the Tuākana tutors' office where tutors make themselves available to help students during certain hours each week. Next door is Room 132, the designated study space for Tuākana participants - no booking is required.

He Tuākana Coordinators' office is located in Room 162 (next to 134). 


Who can I talk to about course guidance?

Please consult the Business School Students' Centre Office for face-to-face discussion, or contact them by email (BCom, GradDipCom, BProp).

Business Student Centre
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Freephone: 0800 61 62 63 (within New Zealand only)
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