Associate Professor Tiru Arthanari

BSc, MStat, Diploma in OR, PhD, ISI, Calcutta


Tiru Arthanari is Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management in the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management at the University of Auckland Business School.

His research articles have appeared in a wide range of journals, conferences and books in different fields He was awarded ( with A. Diaz and C. Urquart) the best paper award  by the Journal of the Association of Information Systems (JAIS) for 2015, at the ICIS 2016, Dublin.

Tiru has publications in Journal of the Association for Information Systems, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Discrete Mathematics, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Annals of Operations Research, European Journal of Operations Research, Discrete Optimization, and Applied Economics. Tiru has international recognition for his research showing most statistical problems are essentially constrained optimisation problems. This work appeared as a Wiley classic book, ‘Mathematical programming in statistics’ (co-authored with Y Dodge).

Tiru Arthanari was awarded International Anassilaos Award, Renato Calapso Prize for mathematics at Reggio Calabria, Italy in 2014. The prize for mathematics was instituted in honour of the twentieth-century Italian geometer Renato Calapso. 

Tiru received the ‘Lifetime achievement award’ from the Operations Research society of India (ORSI) for the outstanding contributions towards the promotion of operations research in India. This award was instituted by the society in memory of Prof M C Puri, an eminent exponent in the field of Mathematical Programming.   Tiru is a Fellow of the operations research society of India. Tiru Arthanari is an adjunct professor at CR Rao Advanced institute for mathematics, statistics and computer science (AIMSCS, Hyderabad, India). Tiru was nominated to the fellowship of Indian Society for Probability and Statistics (ISPS).

He was elected as Corresponding Member of the Academy of Peloritana Pericolanti, upon approval of the general members' assembly held in Messina on April 7, 2016. [Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti (Classe di Scienze Fisiche, Matematiche e Naturali)]

Tiru headed one of the three centres of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) located at Bangalore, providing academic, research and administrative leadership. Tiru has served as the Head of the Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research division of ISI, which provides training and consultation to businesses and government.

Tiru is a very successful quality and optimisation consultant with sound theoretical basis and vast applied experience.  Applied studies by Tiru include, refinery blending and production scheduling, electrostatic precipitator design, dynamic balancing of power plant exhaust fans,  silo sizing in a fertiliser plant, understating factors of false alarm and several quality improvement and cutting stock problems.

Research | Current

  • Coopetition in supply chains
    Coopetition in horticultural supply chains are studied using game theory.  Tiru collaborates in this research with researchers in Italy and India.
  • Pedigree polytope and traveling salesman problem
    Traveling salesman problem is one of the difficult combinatorial problems. In this research an alternative combinatorial object called Pedigrees invented by Tiru, is further researched in the last two decades by Tiru Arthanari and his research students.
  • Sustainability in Universities
    Universities play an important  role in sustanability through their curriculum, research and outreach. This research is on designing a monitoring system tool that would help the stakeholders to understand how to implement holistic sustainability in the entire higher education systems.
  • Container port logistics productivity
    In this research, the challenging problem of improving productivity in container terminal logistics with no additional investments. Theoretical insights, computational algorithms and practical solution approaches are the highlights of this research. 
  • Information visibility in Diaster relief supply chains
    Improving coordination during disaster relief operations using innovative lateral information sharing among supply chains.
  • Modeling corruption using system dynamics
    Systems dynamics model of corruption and its moderating effect on supply chain risk studied in this research would be of use to policy makers, non-governmental organisations and supply chain managers in understanding the complex nature of corruption. 
  • Third party logistics- value added services
    This research is to evaluate third party purchase (3PP) as a value-added service offered by 3PL providers, based on transaction cost theory.
  • Human decision making- missing middle hypothesis
    Missing middle hypothesis is developed and studied by Tiru to offer an explanation for some anomalies in human decision making including the stock and flow paradox in system dynamics.

Teaching | Current

Tiru Arthanari has taught/teaches a wide variety of topics: mathematics for business, operations research for management science, marketing research, project management, systems and management of quality, busines logistics, strategic procuement, supply chain strategy, advanced operations systems and quantitative research methods for information systems research.

  • MKTG 202          Marketing research
  • INFOSYS 750     Research methods - quantitative
  • MATHS 208        Mathematics for business
  • OPSMGT 357     Project management
  • OPSMGT 370     Operations and supply chain strategy
  • OPSMGT 371     Business logistics
  • OPSMGT 372     Systems and management of quality
  • OPSMGT 376     Strategic procurement
  • OPSMGT 760     Advanced Operations Management Systems
  • OPSMGT 762     Management of Quality
  • OPSRES 392     Operations Research for Management Science

Postgraduate supervision

Doctoral students supervised/being supervised:

Asish Chakraborthy  - Software Testing

Usha Mohan            - Alternative formulation of Symmetric Traveling Salesman Problem

Laleh Ardhekani        - Multistage insertion formulation and computational experience

Lincoln Wood            - Coopetition in horizontal supply chains

Mohammad Aman Ullah - Understanding and modeling corruption using system dymamics

Yangyan Shi                 - Thirdy party purchasing

Dusan Ku                     - Container port productivity 

Foad Marzoughi           - Navigating in benchmarking spaces

Xiaojing Liu                 -  Moderarting effect of corruption  on supply chain risks

Cameron Taylor           -  Information visibility and emergency supply chain management

Hadwyn Chen              - Culture in enterprise resource planning software implementation success

Norah Al Subait            -  Balanced scorecard design and evaluation for sustainability in universities

Ehsan Izadpanahi         - Robust optimisation for cleaner energy transistions



1965      First rank in the University in BSc Statistics, Awarded Bertram Gold medal.

1993      Honourable mention- "A Decision Support System for Silo Sizing and Mixing to Improve Outgoing Quality of Fertiliser" – was selected as the National contribution paper presented at the IFORS 93 XIII World Conference on Operations Research. At the conference the paper was declared a quality work and received an honourable mention at the award ceremony.

1993      John Wiley and Sons, New York has brought out in their prestigious Wiley Classics Library Series- Mathematical Programming in Statistics by Arthanari and Dodge.

“The authors have achieved their stated intention… Should be in the hands of all system analyst and computer system architects.”  - Computing Reviews.

2004      Nominated for the teaching excellence award of the business school.

2007      The organisers of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Indian Statistical Institute invited me to lead a panel discussion on Statistical thinking – industrial perspective, in the International Conference on Present Practices and Future Trends in Quality and Reliability [ICONQR08]. Other panellists included eminent statisticians, Professors CR Rao JK Ghosh.

2008      Appointed as an adjunct professor at C. R. Rao Advanced Institute for Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, Hyderabad, India.

2009      Appointed as a member in the international advisory board, for the International Conference on Frontiers of Interface between Statistics and Sciences, Hyderabad, India.

2010      Appointed as a member of the international advisory board, for the International Congress on Productivity, Quality, Reliability, Optimization and Modeling, New Delhi, India.

2010      Appointed as a member (representing the Business School), of the Steering committee for the Thematic Research of the University of Auckland on Materials and Manufacturing Innovations Theme.

2011      Appointed as an Editor of Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics, and continues to be in the editorial board.

2014      Awarded international Anassilaos award, Renato Calapso Prize for mathematics at Reggio Calabria, Italy on 8th November at the presence of the highest representatives of Italian republic and under their official patronage. Every year the panel of judges, made up of distinguished representatives of the sciences and arts on both the Italian and European levels, confer International Anassilaos awards on individuals or groups/institutions that have made outstanding contributions in the fields of the Arts, Culture, Economics and the Sciences. The prize for mathematics was instituted in honour of the twentieth-century Italian geometer Renato Calapso. 

2015      Awarded the ‘Lifetime achievement award’ from the Operations research society of India for the outstanding contributions towards the promotion of OR in India. This award was instituted by the society in memory of Professor MC Puri, an eminent exponent in the field of Mathematical Programming.

2015    Selected as Fellow of the Operations Research Society of India with effect from 18th December in recognition of his contributions towards promotion and advancement of Operations Research.

2016    Elected as a corresponding member to Academia Peloritana Dei Pericolanti (Classe Di Scienze, Fisiche, Mathematiche Naturali), established in 1729 in Sicily. 

2016  Awarded the best paper award  by the Journal of the Association of Information Systems (JAIS) for 2015, at the ICIS 2016, Dublin.

2016 Nominated to the fellowship of Indian Society for Probability and Statistics (ISPS).

2017  Excellence in Research award from Business School



Responsibilites of Tiru at ISOM includes teaching at graduate and post graduate level courses in Operartions and Supply chain management, research supervision of masters and doctoral students, and service to the department in creating a research environment through collaboration and advise on research desidn and analysis and participation in related discussions with students and colleagues.

Areas of expertise

  • Human Decision Making- Missing Middle hypothesis
  • Multivariate Measurement Systems- New insights on Mahalanobis Taguchi Systems
  • New polyhedral approaches to solving the Symmetric Traveling salesman Problem
  • Supply Chain Management - Value added services, Coopetition
  • System Dynamics Modeling- of corruption, sustainable transportation

Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • Association for Information Systems
  • System Dynamics Society
  • Australian Association of Engineering Education
  • Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Life member, Operations Research Society of India
  • Operations Research Society of New Zealand
  • Production and Operations Management Society of America
  • Professional Member, Association of Computing Machinery

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

As of 29 October 2020 there will be no automatic updating of 'selected publications and creative works' from Research Outputs. Please continue to keep your Research Outputs profile up to date.
  • Liu, X., Arthanari, T., & Shi, Y. (2019). Making dairy supply chains robust against corruption risk: a systemic exploratory study. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT, 30 (4), 1078-1100. 10.1108/IJLM-02-2018-0039
  • Taylor, C. C. S., & Arthanari, T. S. (2018). ZigBee architecture for disaster relief supply chain visibility and supply chain coordination. Americas Conference on Information Systems 2018: Digital Disruption, AMCIS 2018.
  • Taylor, C. C. S., & Arthanari, T. S. (2017). Enabling disaster relief supply chain visibility (SCV) and supply chain coordination (SCC). AMCIS 2017 Proceedings Boston, USA.
  • Shi, Y., Arthanari, T., & Wood, L. (2017). Developing third-party purchase (3PP) services: New Zealand third-party logistics providers’ perspectives. Supply Chain Management, 22 (1), 40-57. 10.1108/SCM-06-2016-0189
  • Ku, D., & Arthanari, T. S. (2016). Container relocation problem with time windows for container departure. European Journal of Operational Research, 252 (3), 1031-1039. 10.1016/j.ejor.2016.01.055
  • Ku, D., & Arthanari, T. S. (2016). On the abstraction method for the container relocation problem. Computers and Operations Research, 68, 110-122. 10.1016/j.cor.2015.11.006
  • Marzoughi, F., & Arthanari, T. (2016). The architecture of a Navigational Support System. 22nd Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2016): Surfing the IT Innovation Wave, Proceedings, 338-347. San Diego, California, USA: Association for Information Systems ( AIS ).


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