Consumer behaviour

This Marketing research stream focuses on the study of consumers and consumption-related issues. Contemporary issues include consumers’ experiences and responses to marketing communications, packaging, design and companies’ social responsibility efforts, and the impact of the computer-mediated environment.

Research in these areas encompasses the following domains:

  • Consumers in the digital environment
    How the digital environment differs from the physical environment and how digital technology affects relationships with consumers.
  • Consumers’ responses to marketing communications
    How consumers read advertising texts, process advertising messages, and respond to messages embedded in entertainment content.
  • Consumers’ experience of shopping
    How consumers construct the shopping experience, what motivates their shopping behaviour, and what happens when their expectations are disconfirmed.
  • Consumers’ experience of possessions and place
    How do ritual, possession meaning, and self-conceptualisation influence consumers’ attachments to possessions and places?
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
    How consumers react to companies’ CSR efforts.

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